The Sotis Group, LLC., is a US-based consulting company recognized globally as experts in Motivation Analysis, Risk Management, Operations and Training, and Information Technology.

Motivation Analysis

Motivation Analysis provides remarkably accurate scientific personality profiles that, more profoundly than personality-typing methods, is ideal for assessing personnel at all levels. The test provides for several billion possible outcomes such that every person’s individual profile is as unique as their fingerprints. Scientifically-validated, Motivation Analysis is the best predictor of future behavior making it the ideal test for “pre-loss” evaluations. This tool is useful for recruitment, leadership, team synergy, and conflict resolution.

Risk Management

Risk Management provides threat and risk assessments for all tiers of government and business covering a wide spectrum across multiple industries including (but not limited to) active shooters, terrorist threats, and all manners of workplace violence. Ideal for casinos and gaming operations, sports and entertainment venues and teams, as well as stadiums, travel, and other forms of potential hazards, we also teach and undertake corporate and individual security risk assessments, corporate risk management and business continuity.

Operations and Training

Operations and Training services are provided for government agents, military operators, law enforcement, personal protectors, business personnel, high-risk groups, and security services. We train personnel for a wide range of purposes. Our team provides expert instruction in self-protection utilizing a range of self-defense mechanisms, including (but not limited to) edged/blunt weapons, empty hands, firearms (short and long), restraint and removal, and active shooter response.

Information Technology

Information technology and cybersecurity are an integral necessity of functioning in the modern world. Our team has experience with building IT systems from the ground up, from small secure operations to the international enterprise. Direct experience with on-premise to cloud migrations, multi-factor authentications, encrypted communications, and systems monitoring. A holistic approach to IT with the ability to bring subject matter experts to bear when necessary.