About Us

The Sotis Group, LLC.

The Sotis Group LLC formed in 2012 to provide team-based solutions and expanded services to our respective clients.

About Us

Tom Sotis - Weapons

* Federal Bureau of Investigation
* United States Secret Service
* Russian Special Forces
* Mexican Prison Guards

Gregory Cruz - Gunfighting

* United States Marine Corps
* Department of Homeland Security
* Department of Defense
* Air National Guard

Andrew Smith - Risk Management

* Andrew has extensive experience in risk management, having worked with (but not limited to) the Australian Federal Police, the Office of Transport Security, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the Department of Environment, the Department of Climate Change, ACT Health Business and Infrastructure, Housing ACT and numerous industry groups.

* Andrew has facilitated several international conferences on issues related to climate change, including the Coral Triangle Initiative, which involved six regional countries as well as the USA, the Asian Development Bank and international donor agencies. He also facilitated the APEC Climate Change Symposium in Australia involving five regional countries and senior representatives from the Australian Government and the Australian National University.

* Andrew is comfortable with all tiers of government and business. He has briefed a Prime Minister and senior cabinet Ministers on a range of issues, and has engaged with senior representatives of the public service and private enterprise, including ACT Ministers, senior Commonwealth public servants, senior management of Australia’s key airlines, all of Australia’s major international airports, and representatives of the Australian maritime industry.

Joe Howard - Information Technology

* Credential 1
* Credential 2
* Credential 3
* More information here

We formed as a team in 2012 so we also list relevant experience prior to the formation of TSG.
We gladly provide verification and references that correspond with the requesting party.

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Please contact Tom Sotis directly at TomSotis@TheSotisGroup.com