Our Team

Executive Team

Tom Sotis – Motivation Analysis and Training
* In 1994 Tom Sotis became the first American combatives instructor to visit Russia, was immediately challenged by the Spetsnaz and subsequently contracted for training. Tom trained the famed Russian Spetsnaz / Counter-Terrorism teams where he was made an Honorary Member of the Red Berets, Special Adviser to Ministry of Internal Affairs, and Instructor of Russian CID Homicide and Major Crimes.

* Tom has since traveled to 20 countries pioneering the forward evolution of edged weapons combatives through extensive travel and research. His work experience includes but is not limited to Cambodian Special Forces, Mexican Prison Guards and Riot Control, Greek Coast Guard, New Zealand Prison Guards, Norwegian Law Enforcement, South African Military Forces, and Spanish Law Enforcement.

* Tom established the world’s leading edged weapons training company and, having taught over 1000 seminars, is the world’s most experienced instructor of knife combat. In addition to international travel, Tom’s work in the USA includes training personnel and teams for the United States Government and Military, as well as Federal, State, and Municipal Law Enforcement, and various Corrections Departments.

*  Tom is a Reiss Profile® Master certified to administer and interpret the Reiss Profile® for Sports and the Reiss Profile® for Business.

Gregory Cruz – Operations and Training

* Currently the owner of Interactive Gunfighting and the Chief Instructor at Smith & Wesson Academy, Greg was awarded the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for Valor for his actions in combat. Greg’s background includes (but is not limited to) working for the Defense Intelligence Agency and Defense Intelligence Support Office-Afghanistan (DISO-A); Operation Enduring Freedom, United States Air Force, Rhode Island Air National Guard, Team Leader of Protective Services Detail (PSD), Department of Homeland Security, Wyatt Detention Facility, Charlestown Police Department, United States Marine Corps Sniper Instructor.

* An accomplished and highly motivated military, law enforcement officer and instructor with over 20 years of civilian and military experience marked by efficiency, innovation, and increased responsibilities.  A dedicated, focused, and results-oriented team player with proven expertise in civilian, military, and multi-national law enforcement and military operations.  Thrives on challenging tasks and changing situations.

* In-depth knowledge, experience and background on infantry weapons, tactics and security concerns. Knowledge of internal, mid-range and terminal ballistics. Experienced armorer and gunsmith leading to an enhanced understanding of the technical and mechanical workings of various military, law enforcement, and civilian weapon systems. Certified weapons repair specialist for many factor systems. Deep interest in weapons, machine guns, suppressors and explosives in the role of support to Military and Law Enforcement operations.  Emergency Medical Technician /Cardiac, First Aid, AED and CPR Instructor, Martial Arts, Weapons, Military vehicles and gear, SUCBA and competitive and recreational shooting. Advanced training in military and Law Enforcement operations in a CBRNE environment.

Andrew Smith – Risk Management

* Andrew has extensive experience in risk management, having worked with (but not limited to) the Australian Federal Police, the Office of Transport Security, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the Department of Environment, the Department of Climate Change, ACT Health Business and Infrastructure, Housing ACT and numerous industry groups.

* Andrew has facilitated several international conferences on issues related to climate change, including the Coral Triangle Initiative, which involved six regional countries as well as the USA, the Asian Development Bank and international donor agencies. He also facilitated the APEC Climate Change Symposium in Australia involving five regional countries and senior representatives from the Australian Government and the Australian National University.

* Andrew is comfortable with all tiers of government and business. He has briefed a Prime Minister and senior cabinet Ministers on a range of issues, and has engaged with senior representatives of the public service and private enterprise, including ACT Ministers, senior Commonwealth public servants, senior management of Australia’s key airlines, all of Australia’s major international airports, and representatives of the Australian maritime industry.

Joe Howard – Information Technology

* Joe is currently Vice President of IT for International Data Corp.  He runs all aspects of IT from security to implementing regional teams, network operations centers, vendor selection and negotiation in 63+ countries. Currently based in the US, with regional IT teams based in Asia, Europe the Middle East and Latin America.

Originally from Birmingham England, Joe has been training in various martial arts from the age of 4. He has been training steadily in AMOK for the last 15 years, with supplemental training in firearms and tactics with Interactive Gunfighting for the last 5 years.