Whom We Train

Government Agents
TSG training fully integrates edged weapons with close quarters shooting creating seamless actions when transitioning platforms in fluid combat. TSG training is customized for agents and operatives to engage single or multiple adversaries with knives, push-daggers, and improvised instruments. Using blade-based actions with the pistol to strike and disarm (as well as shoot) in close quarters combat opens a whole array of tactics. TSG utilizes a sophisticated series of structured problem-solving experiences which imbeds skill in a remarkably short interval.

Military Operators
Complimenting primary rifle and secondary pistol systems, a tertiary edged weapon system heightens the operators’ sphere of readiness when integrated into their total weapons system.  TSG training is customized for operators to be combat-effective with knives, machetes, push-daggers, tomahawks, ice picks, and improvised instruments. Training is conducted in operational kit, executed in real time, and as permitted, under similar environmental conditions.

Law Enforcement
TSG trains Law Enforcement in effective counter-measures consistent with the use of force continuum and specific demands of their profession. Our training offers invaluable protective coverage for agents, investigators, and detectives especially those working in low profile, high-risk environments. In many situations undercover agents cannot conceal a firearm and edged weapons skill goes a long way to empower and protect them. We also train Counter-terrorism, SWAT, and Special Response Teams in edged weapons tactics germane to counter-assault, dynamic entry, hostage rescue, and self-rescue.

Personal Protectors
In the field of Close Protection, one of the most under-rated tools at the disposal of a protector is an edged weapon. As a psychological tool in deterrence, its capacity to escalate/de-escalate, when advancing in foreign lands, to dominate the protective zone around a principal, if swarmed by aggressors, at high-density events, and consider this – a lot of protectors work alone and experienced professionals know solo protection is a complex and challenging task. There are times when a solo protector has multiple Principles who want to use varied modes of public transportation to unknown destinations, through rapidly changing environments with a high occupancy exchange, against a wide range of threats, and without back-up, where he/she may not speak the area’s language.  Solo Protection is a science of solutions unique to its challenges and while no one weapon can solve every conceivable situation, protectors trained by TSG have more problem-solving potential than any other means.

Athletes and Celebrities
Professional athletes and coaches are at risk from stalkers, deranged and obsessed fans, competition, criminals, enemies, rivals, and an assortment of strangers who harbor ill intent. Athletes are also subject to elevated levels of everyday personal violence unrelated to their status like road rage, assault, and robbery because of their highly mobile careers and lifestyles. Everyone wants to be lucky in the lottery of violence and every coach and athlete knows that luck occurs when opportunity meets preparationAs Royals starter Paul Byrd said, “It doesn’t matter how much you beef up security, anybody can get by at any minute.” TSG can maximize their personal safety factor and significantly reduce liability by training athletes how to safeguard themselves from violent threats. TSG’s training offers the most powerful threat deterrent, adjustable use of force providing the widest range of self-protection, reducing reliance on high-liability firearms, and enhancing peace of mind.

Business Personnel
TSG trains business personnel seeking maximum personal safety in minimal time. TSG will teach you effective and versatile self-rescue tactics. Remember, the equalizing power of a knife means you don’t even have to be in good physical condition to be effective. People trained by TSG enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the confidence in knowing they are highly response-able.

High Risk Groups and Individuals
A wide range of public figures attract a variety of personal threats because they are, by their very nature, publicly exposed, and matters of emotional or controversial issues typically carry a higher risk.

Also in the high-risk category are travelers and jewelers who are targeted by robbers who frequently batter their victims even when it is unnecessary. As one might expect, members of persecuted groups are often victims of violent crimes and hate-inspired assaults can be particularly cruel.

This category also includes prominent people who remain at risk from stalkers, obsessed fans, competition, rivals, criminals, enemies, staff, and unfortunately, on occasion from people they trust. Prominent people tend to attract mentally unstable or otherwise undesirable persons who often harbor ill intent and the potential to encounter them never goes away. The families and children of prominent people also attract threats that would associate with them to gain information, as an entry point to their lives, or as a lever to influence, intimidate, or blackmail the family.

Every day innocent persons are beset upon and brutalized without any provocation whatsoever, very often suffering physical and/or emotional scars for life. The high-risk category includes all persons between the ages of 16 and 24 who experience more crimes of violence than any other age group – more than auto accident injuries! Every person wants to be lucky in life’s lottery of violence; and even more so, parents want this for their children, no matter what their age.

TSG teaches pro-active measures of avoidance and escape whenever possible and when that is not successful or possible, decisive use of reactive measures.  Employing a highly interactive hands-on experience, TSG specializes in coaching people to be conflict-effective, efficiently and with respect to their individuality. TSG will maximize anyone’s safety quotient against the lottery of violence.